• Do you offer wholesale?

We do, but only to serious buyers who are prepared to do business. When making contact, make sure you have a reasonable idea of what you are seeking and a realistic expectation of costs. Any/All wholesale orders must meet our minimum purchase requirement of $1,000.00. All strains are accompanied by COA’s when shipped. We are a boutique brand specializing in premium/high CBD hemp products 

  • Is your product organic?

While the flowers that we sell are not certified organic, we can assure you that we, nor any farms we buy from, never use any kind of pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers.

  • Can I pass a drug test after using your product?

Traficante Collective makes NO guarantees that any person will be able to pass a drug test after using our products. Many do, but some definitely do not. There has been very little research on the subject, so we are unable to offer any insight regarding what amounts may cause a hot test. 

  • How can I/should I use this product?

Honestly, any way you'd like. The only thing we do NOT recommend is eating a raw nug. But you can smoke it, vape it, infuse it into an oil, extract it etc.

  • When will you restock your flower?

We will attempt to notify our customers ASAP by email when we post a new strain, or restock a current strain.

  • Has my order shipped? How does my order ship?

We need three full business days to process your order, so if it has been less than that, it's entirely possible that we need more time to finish it up.

Traficante Collective shipments of less than one lb ship via USPS and more than one lb via UPS. Your order will normally be processed and shipped within 3 business days after your order is placed. Average shipping time is 3-5 business days for domestic orders. When your order ships you will receive a tracking number.

Your order will ship in packaging designed to mitigate odor. We recognize that hemp is a legal product, but the odor can trigger unwarranted suspicion. Return address is Noriega Estate. Orders are shipped with documentation including; Pre-harvest compliance test results; Notice to Law Enforcement and Certificate Of Analysis (COA).The Notice to Law Enforcement refers any authorities to the federal and state code under which high CBD hemp is cultivated, sold and transported.

  • Why is my order taking so long?

Currently, we are out of the office on weekends. Since we need three full business days to fulfill your order, those placed late on Thursday or anytime on Friday will typically take a bit longer.

  • What are your acceptable forms of payment?

You DO NOT pay at the point of sale. You will receive an electronic invoice from Noriega Estate. With our payment system you can utilize the credit/debit card of your choice.